Best American Made Shoe Brands

With so many shoe brands being offered today its hard to find a company that makes good quality shoes that you can trust. We’ve taken a look at American made boots but what about American made shoes?

Buying American made products can guarantee that you are getting good quality while also helping the economy thrive by supporting American businesses. With the almost endless amount of shoe brands available in today’s market what shoes are made in the USA?

Made in USA Running Shoes

A good running shoe is important as it provides support to your feet and can make your run more comfortable. Running shoes are designed to be lightweight and have a lot of cushioning to help aid in the stress running puts on your feet. A good running shoe will be durable and will not wear out quickly. Running shoes made in USA are constructed with top quality products that will last up to 500 miles before needing to be replaced.

1) Fade by Carson Footwear

Carson Footwear is an American company based in Milwaukee, Oregon. Their shoes are made to order and are built with a zero drop polyurethane mid sole and has a breathable mesh upper. They offer a variety of styles and carry up to a size 13 in Men’s and an 11.5 in Women’s. Fade by Carson footwear is offered in two colors and offers superior comfort for runners.

2) Made in the US 993 by New Balance

New Balance shoes made in USA are high quality sneakers that are made from premium materials that offer a luxury shoe. New Balance boasts that their mission is to help athletes and others achieve their goals and dreams by providing exceptional footwear. The company has proudly made over 4 million pairs of athletic shoes in America and are also working on creating more Eco friendly manufacturing plants to reduce their carbon footprint. New balance shoes made in USA 993 are available in two colors and offered in various sizes and widths offering the most comfortable fit for your run.

3) Hersey Custom DPS by Hersey Custom Shoe Company

Out of all the running shoes made in USA the Hersey Custom Shoe Company was voted the number 1 running shoe in the world in 1985. What started off as a small company out of a sheep barn in Maine turned into a successful business that is located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Their shoes are custom made to order and allow you to make the shoe truly yours. With the Hersey Custom DPS you can choose from the nylon mesh color, the type of suede trim, orthopedic corrections, the outer sole, and even removable inserts.

4) Women’s Ultimate Running Shoe by Ryka

Ryka shoes are specially made for women by being tailored to women’s foot shapes and muscle movement. They are a company led by strong women who believe that fitness builds a women’s self esteem and confidence. They offer fitness groups like Jazzercise, Curves, and R.I.P.P.E.D. all in the name of girl power. The Women’s Ultimate Running Shoe by Ryka shoes offers a breathable mesh upper, a cushioned insole, and is lightweight. Its available in sizes 5 to 11, offered in medium or wide widths, and your choice of four colors. This is a quality American made shoe brand.

American Made Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are flat shoes that are, as the name suggests, made to be worn while playing Tennis. Canvas shoes can be worn in replacement of Tennis shoes because they are built the same with flat bottoms that are good for indoor surfaces. What tennis shoes are made in the USA?

1) Norwood in Black Canvas by SOM

SOM footwear stands for Sense Of Motion which is fitting for these shoes because they are made to wear for anything. SOM footwear is based out of Colorado and offers high quality canvas shoes that can be used for running, walking, dancing, and skateboarding just to name a few. The Norwood in Black Canvas offers a zero drop sole which allows your feet to be level to the ground, a wide toe box which helps aid in balancing, and it is made of breathable materials. It is offered in Men’s sizes 4 to 16 and Women’s sizes 5.5 to 17.5.

2)Made in USA Windjammer by PF Flyer

PF Flyer is one of the original American shoe brands. They were the first brand to be endorsed by an All Star athlete and also had their own comic books and television show. In 2005, the company was purchased by New Balance who now produces the shoe. The Made in USA Windjammer has 100% cotton laces, real pig skin leather lining, and premium USA suede.

Made in USA Casual Shoes

Casual shoes are made for comfort and everyday wear. They are the shoes you wear to work, school, or to just lounge around the house. Not all casual shoes are made equally so what shoes are made in the USA?

1) Classic Slip on Loafer by SAS

SAS is a company based out of San Antonio, Texas. The company started small with only 13 shoemakers and no advertisement besides word of mouth. Their shoes are made with the softest and highest quality leather around, delivering a premium quality product that will last you a long time. The Classic Slip on Loafer is created with a flexible fit that moves with your foot. It is hand laced moccasin that contours to the shape of your foot to provide exceptional comfort. It is offered in Men’s and Women’s in various sizes and widths.

2) Women’s Middle English – BLACK by Aurora Shoe Co.

Aurora Shoe Co. is based in upstate New York and uses top quality American made materials to construct their shoes. They craft their shoes by hand one step at a time creating premium quality products out of the finest leather. Unlike other brands, this company repairs your shoes by offering new soles or stitches if they come loose. The Women’s Middle English shoes are a monk style flat that are breathable and made of organic leather.

Why American Made?

American made goods have a reputation of being good quality and lasting a long time. This is because American workers are paid more than workers from other countries, and in turn that means they perform better. Buying American made products is also good for the economy because American made shoe brands create more jobs.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know what tennis shoes are made in the USA, running shoes, and casual shoes, you can be confident in the brand that you choose to purchase. All the brands mentioned use top quality materials to provide luxury shoes that will provide long lasting comfort. Knowing that these shoes are American made also gives you the opportunity to support American business and help the economy without sacrificing quality or comfort.