Best Dog Bowls Made in the USA: 2020

When you buy goods with the tag “Made in the USA,” you are sure that they will be of high quality. The manufacturing policy here is strict. Only goods of exceptional quality get to leave the factory premises for the market. Products from foreign countries may not have that strict adherence to quality. Buying made in the USA, you are also boosting the USA’s presence as a world market leader by giving it a secure home base.

You may get dog bowls from a foreign country at a cheaper cost, for instance. Yet only dog bowls made in USA give you a guarantee of exceptional quality. This discussion focuses on the top three best dog bowls from local manufacturers. Besides, it highlights the reasons why they deserve to be at the top.

Incidentally, the best three picks in this list are products of stainless steel. You can make an independent choice based on several factors. Here are Factors that We Considered in Making Our Picks:


The best dog bowls come in three common materials. They are:

• Ceramic

• Stainless steel

• Plastic

Stainless steel happens to be the best material to choose for dog bowls. The biggest reason being that steel is more durable than both ceramic and plastic. Besides, cleaning steel takes a shorter time than the other two.


The best dog bowl must be safe for use by humans. That is the only yardstick for measuring safety standards. They should be “dishwasher.” Meaning you can wash them together with other dishes that humans use at home.

Shape of Bowl

To consider a bowl among the best options, convenience for the dog is paramount. You do not want a bowl that makes it uncomfortable for the dog to feed. Our best picks did not include bowls that are neither too shallow nor too deep.

 The bowls are also a medium of wide and narrow. With those considerations, any of these bowls are suitable for dogs with all shapes of head.

Popular Dog Bowl Brands Made in the USA

Basis Pets Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

This bowl is a leading stainless steel product made in the USA by Basis Pet, LLC. Basis Pet is a modest company with its operations headquartered at Vermont.

Basis Pet makes several other part products. We picked these bowl because we love their quality. Their safety standards and reasonable pricing were also appealing. Basis Pet has a friendly customer service policy.

Pros of Basis Pets Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

• The fact that the material making it is stainless steel means that it does not rust easily.

• The bowl does not stick with food remains and is easy to clean.

• The bowls have a convenient round shape that enables your dog to reach all the food. It also has enough space to accommodate the dog’s head as it eats.

Cons of Basis Pets Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

• Unfortunately, the shiny stainless steel wears out on the inside after some time.

• The manufacturer only uses one material and color for their products- this limits your choices.

• The bowls do not have stuff fixed to prevent skidding. You have to purchase a stand or improvise.

Yeti Boomer 8 Dog Bowl

The manufacturer is Yeti Coolers, LLC. The company started in 2006 and at first produced only coolers. Currently, they make many other products, which include bags, caps, bottles, and dog bowls, among other products.

The Boomer 8 dog bowl, which comes in one size, feels heavy and sturdy. The bowls are double-walled and spacious enough to hold eight cups of water. Like most Yeti products, you can carry the dog bowl anywhere you go with your dog.

Pros of Yeti Boomer 8 Dog Bowl

• You can clean it easily by hand or in the dishwasher

• It is durable and comes in several color options

• It does not get dents since it is hard

Cons of Yeti Boomer 8 Dog Bowl

• It is costly compared to other bowls. One bowl goes for around $50

• It does not seem to have an extraordinary ability to cool water than ordinary bowls

• The product probably lacks uniformity in all its units. Some customer reviews have complained of rusting, yet the manufacturer and marketers sell it as “rust-resistant.”

GPET Stainless Dog Bowl

GPET produces this exciting product. Your dog is most likely going to fall in love with GPET products. The manufacturer keeps pets. They use these pets to test their products before they release them to the market. Perhaps this explains why this particular product has a picture of a bone at the front side.

GPET claims to draw inspiration by love and respect for animals in their production. That is why it is possible to have them personalize the bowl to the desires of your dog before you buy it. Their products have some of the lowest prices among dog bowls made in USA.

Unique rubber offers support against skidding. The bowl does not move anyhow as your dog feeds through it. That stability makes it comfortable to use.

Pros of GPET Stainless Dog Bowl

• It offers a choice of customizable style

• It is long-lasting and convenient for the dog

• The company gives money-back guarantee without any conditions whatsoever

Cons of GPET Stainless Dog Bowl

• It does not use the best grade of stainless steel

• It is not yet clear what substance gives black coloring when you wipe with a paper towel- this puts its safety into question

• The manufacturer does not seem to have a professional that can boost prospective consumers’ confidence

 There are many other brands of dog bowls made in the USA. You have three examples to compare before you decide which bowl is the most suitable for your dog. You will need to look at the pros and cons of each of these brands. After that, strike a balance by leveraging the positive side.

When you buy the best dog bowls made in USA, you get the advantage of proximity. Some of these manufacturers are in your state or region. You can approach them easily when you have questions about their products. The verbal feedback you get is key to understanding the products better. Besides, you can arrange with the manufacturer of your choice to have the bowl customized.