Best Dog Collars, Leashes & Harnesses Made in the USA

Are you the happy owner of one or more dogs? If so, you know that owning a dog comes with buying a certain amount of supplies. Did you that know some of the best dog collars and leashes are made in the USA? So, when you purchase American made collars and leashes, you’re getting quality products and supporting workers here in the USA. Discover three companies that make dog leashes and collars right here in the USA. Plus, learn about some of the pros and cons of these companies and their products.

1. Mendota Pet

Mendota Pet is a family-owned business located in St. Paul, Minnesota. This company has been making quality leashes and collars of all styles and sizes since 1994. Mendota Pet has a line of skincare products made with organic ingredients. The company also makes supplements of all types to keep dogs healthy and energetic.

Mendota Pet’s website is valuable in a number of ways to pet owners. You can find videos including one on how to determine the proper size collar for your dog. Another video lets you know the proper way to use a slip lead on your dog. Also, there are videos of dogs playing in the park and elsewhere that are sure to make you smile. These extra resources can be very helpful to many dog owners.


• A large selection of collars made of a variety of materials including leather, braided fabric and BioThane

• A 30-day guarantee on all of the products they sell

• Leashes and collars are available in a variety of colors and designs


• The prices for leashes and collars are a little high. However, you’re getting a quality product.

• Customers have to spend a minimum amount of money to receive free shipping

• A low number of coupons are available for these products

2. Lupine Pet

Lupine Pet has been in the business of making pet products since 1990. The company is located in New Hampshire. Lupine Pet has a selection of collars, leashes, harnesses, and accessories for dogs. The company also offers products for cats as well as items that help owners express their love for their pet.

In addition to offering high-quality pet supplies, this company has a big presence on social media. The company is on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. It’s easy for customers to connect with the company, ask questions about products and even post funny videos featuring their dogs. This American company is dedicated to serving dog owners in all ways.


• The selection includes collars and leashes in many colors and styles as well as eco-friendly ones

• This selection of the best dog leashes and collars is backed up by a lifetime guarantee

• This company contributes its time and money to worthwhile organizations in its community


• The collars in this selection are made with a clicking plastic buckle without other options available

• Smaller sizes for puppies are hard to find

• Retailers near you that carry this brand may not have the exact item you’re looking for on hand

3. Up Country

Up Country has been making dog collars, leashes, and other accessories for dogs since 1984. The company’s inventory also includes pillows with a pet theme, comfort mast, doggie doorbells, and other unique items. This company’s factory is located in East Providence, Rhode Island. Founder, Alice Nichols, started the company with the idea of making stylish, colorful dog collars that could endure all of the activities dogs get into. The collars are handsewn in the East Rhode Island factory. They are even hand packed for delivery to customers! The quality of these dog and cat collars and leashes makes Up Country a standout in the pet supplies industry.

The website of Up Country has a section where owners can post pictures of their dogs wearing collars and leashes they’ve purchased from the company. This is not only a good advertisement for Up Country collars, it can help shoppers envision how a particular style of collar or leash would look on their dog.


• Offers the best dog collars in a variety of colors, patterns, and themes

• It’s easy for customers to shop for dog collars and leashes based on the style they’re looking for

• A great place to find a unique gift for a dog or cat lover


• The prices are higher than the average collar in a pet shop

• Shipping prices don’t appear until you have items in your cart

• Returns are not accepted after ten days

So, next time you need a new collar or leash for your dog, check out some of these companies based in the USA. You’ll be helping American workers while enjoying some of the best dog leashes and collars out there!