Best Fishing Reels Made in USA Reviews 2020

The USA has a strict manufacturing policy that puts quality at the center of every manufactured product. A culture of genuine consumer reviews on the products that they use puts manufacturers on their toes to produce only high-quality goods. Buying “Made in USA” goods is a sure way of acquiring good quality.

The country earns good revenue from the taxes paid by the manufacturers. Hence, buying from them is fulfilling a patriotic duty of nation-building. In the process, you play a significant role in promoting the thriving industrialization sector that sustains the country’s self-reliance.

The following is a review of the best fishing reels made in the USA. Read along and make an informed choice whenever you wish to buy fishing reels.

Abel Reels

Abel Fly Reels are among the best high-end fishing reels. Manufactured by the company, Abel Reels, these reels have been a leading brand since the 1980s. Steve Abel founded the company in 1988 and started making reels dedicated to hunting tuna. Mayfly Outdoors acquired Abel Reels later in 2012, and today they manufacture reels that can catch almost every type of fish.

The Montrose, Colorado-based factory manufactures have highly skilled technicians using only the finest materials. They use only the finest materials to develop reels of the best quality. Their reels have withstood competition and maintained their reputation as a mark of quality.

Pros of Abel Fishing Reels

• The high-quality material that makes the reels is non-corrosive

• The manufacturers designed the reels for the highest level of accuracy

• The product uses high-performance spools for swift and stable turns

Cons of Abel Fishing Reels

• Not very useful in catching bigger fish for beginners

• If you do not have proper experience with the reel, you may find it challenging to use

• The cost is prohibitive in most cases

Aspen Reels

Aspen Fly Reels have a history of more than ten years of production by Barrel Service Company has been in the machining industry since 1946. The company has its base in San Marcos, CA, and employs tens of staff who have been churning out high-quality fishing reels.

The Aspen fly reel is easy to use with a machine-operated handle and ability to drag big fish. The company makes the product from locally sourced solid aluminum specifically for the local market. The product has a strong ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and human mishandling.

Pros of Aspen Fly Reel

• Cleaning and changing lines on these reels is straightforward

• The cost is on the lower side, compared to the other USA made reels

• Aspen fly reels are lightweight, hence comfortable to handle

Cons of Aspen Fly Reels

• The price is still generally high even though it may be lower, compared to other brands

• There have been some concerns about uneven line retrieval

• Not suitable for beginners

Ross Reels Evolution LTX

These are the ideal reels for fishing in saltwater since they use a resilient aluminum material that resists salt-caused corrosion. This machine has strong enough lines that can support big fishes. Compared to the previous product by the same company, the Evolution LTX is several times more durable, and effective.

The product contains a machined handle that makes it lightweight when in use, for easier dragging. When the reel gets wet, the handle becomes more effective, and its canvas cover feels sturdy.

Pros Ross Reels Evolution LTX

• Enables swift retrieval due to its large arbor

• The reel looks attractive and great

• It catches fish accurately without much misses

Cons of Ross Reels Evolution LTX

• The reels are a little more expensive

• Some users have complained that these reels produce an irritating sound when they catch fish

• The manufacturers offer a limited warranty.

What Informs These Picks

It should not be challenging to select the best fishing reels when you set out to do so. We have picked the three above based on some critical factors. Here is a look at some of them.

Appropriate Size

The size of the reel should correspond to the size of the fishing line that you use in fishing. In this regard, the best manufacturer takes into consideration the manufacturing standards of fishing lines. This enables them to produce relevant fishing reels.

The Drag System

A good fishing reel should have the right drag system, which is necessary for adding the correct pressure to overpower the struggling fish and pull it out. For high dragging power, the reel needs to have a smooth spinning operation that works by the strength of an excellent grip and lightweight handles.

Weight of Fishing Reel

Although the feeling of whether the reels are light or heavy depends on the operator, there are standards of acceptable weight. Since you are likely to spend a lot of time in the water, the reel does not need to be heavy. Lighter reels should be able to protect you from fatigue. They should not also make your wrist and forearm uncomfortable. That is why our picks are generally of low weight and machined handles.

Material Used to Make the Reels

Some, or even most of the fishing, takes place in salty water, which is highly corrosive. It would be best if you had reels that can withstand the corrosiveness. Yet the weight of the fishing reel is a critical concern. That is why we made picks from brands that have aluminum models.

Sometimes, buying locally manufactured fishing reels could be slightly more costly than imported options. However, that is beside the point because some foreign goods do not meet the suitable qualities of standard fishing reels for use in USA waters. In the end, the product has to be worth the amount of money you spend on it.

Before you make a selection of what you consider the best fishing reel, consider looking at its advantages and disadvantages. Having disadvantages does not mean that a choice is not suitable. Instead, it only means that you are being prudent in making your choice since you could work around the disadvantages.

Check out with your nearest manufacturer for the possibility of getting custom fishing reels.