Best Fishing Rods Made in USA: 2020

American manufacturers today are producing more goods with the Made in USA label than ever before. Their efforts should be supported by consumers in the United States because in doing so, the overall economy of this nation stands to benefit.

Business owners with plants and factories in America create more jobs for American workers. A thriving, growing work force is always beneficial to this country’s economy.

Goods made in America by Americans are proving to be of superior quality. No where is this more evident than in American-made fishing reels, the best fishing reels in the world.

The many different brands of fishing reels that are American-made are all highly-rated products. In this article, the focus will be on the top three spincasting reels:

–- KastKing Brutus Spincast

— Penn SQL30LW Squall LevelWind

–- Avet Lever Drag Conventional Reel

1. KastKing Brutus Spincast fishing reel is only one of the 14 quality reels KastKing manufactures. The company and its parent firm, Eposeidon, are well known by fisherman by the formula E=M2C (Eposeidon equals manufacturing directly to consumers.)

KastKing is a relatively new company, dating its start to the year 2013. KastKing has a simple but effective mission that is geared on modern technological practices that save money for those who purchase their products.

Its vision is to make fishing fun for everyone and it seems to be quite successful in its efforts. Fishermen who buy and use KastKing contend that the company has a unique sensitivity that extends to concern for the environment.

The KastKing Brutus Spincast is, without question, one of the best fishing reels on the market.

Here is what I like about the KastKing Brutus

— Price is low and performance outstanding. If you are a fresh-water angler, you will find casting with this reel remarkably easy.

— You will be overwhelmed by the reel’s light weight and its frame and rotor made of graphite. The spool is made of of aluminum, another means to cut down on weight.

— The reel is the most reliable reel on the market. It is trouble-free and trustworthy.

Here is what I dislike about the KastKing Brutus reel:

— Line pickup system does not measure up to competition. The KastKing features a dual line pickup system that is adequate but lacking when compared with other reels.

— The reel does not pick up line as quickly as other spinning reels. Its maker says it will boost catch time, but I found no evidence of this.

— The KastKing Brutus has a push-button fishing feature that is complex and awkward. Changing from one hand to another may be an attraction, but it takes some patience.

2. The Penn SQL30LW Squall Level Wind. Penn, headquartered in Pennsylvania, has been making quality reels since 1932. Hobbyists and serious fishermen both enjoy their products, particularly this American-made gem.

It is a saltwater workhorse that comes with all the bells and whistles necessary for catching fish. It is more compact than other Penn reels and its reliability is its trademark.

Here is what I like about the Penn SQL30LW Squall Level Wind reel:

— It has remarkable balance with level wind trolling features that are capable of bringing in a variety of saltwater species. Get ready to haul in that trophy fish.

— Back lash is never a problem, thanks to an incredible anti-reverse system. The Penn has always been a great asset to fishing and will continue in that role for years to come.

— It is a casting jewel that can send your line as far or farther than the best spinning reel. It’s price tag is reasonable also, considering the quality of the product.

Here is what bothers me about this Penn level wind reel:

— It is a graphite reel and graphite has its flaws related to flex. This Penn does not hold up well in deep sea fishing because of the flex issue.

— The Penn makers take pride in this product’s bearing and gear alignment. But I found this reel comes up short in this area when compared with its competitors.

— Its cast is superb but its bronze main gear and stainless pinion gear offers only an average cranking performance It is not as smooth as advertised.

3. The Avet Lever Drag Conventional Reel is made in Chatsworth, California. It is one of the best fishing reels in the world. It has a package of features, including a spool that is ideal for quick casting and bringing in fish.

The Avet is has gears made of steel, so it is unquestionably durable. Eight built-in ball bearings offer you one of the smoothest casting action you would ever want.

Here is what I like about the Avet reel:

— The entire reel is one piece. It is made of a blend of both stainless steel and aluminum. It is a durable piece of equipment.

— It features a terrific lever drag system that’s no trouble to adjust. Drags are of carbon fiber and include up to 14 pounds of drag.

— It has eight ball bearings that are made of stainless steel and coating that is anodized.

— Anti-reverse system is silent. The Avet offers an alarm clicker that keeps you focused as you pursue that catch of the day.

Here is what I don’t like about the Avet:

— It is kind of pricey compared to other reels.

— Color is brilliant but has a tendency to fade over time.

— The ratcheting lever drag that is a feature of older models is missing on this model.