Best Sleeping Bags Made in the USA: 2020

Are you searching for your next sleeping bag? Whether you are going hiking, camping, or participating in an overnight outdoor activity, a sleeping bag is essential.

Consider purchasing a made in the USA product before buying your next sleeping bag. When you purchase products manufactured in the USA, it helps to build the economy. Buying American made products also allows you to:

• Show patriotism

• Support local businesses

• Strengthens communities

• Ensure long-term economic growth for the United States

This article will review the top 3 best sleeping bags made in the USA.

Best Sleeping Bags

1. Western Mountaineering Puma MF Sleeping Bag

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First on the list is the Western Mountaineering Puma MF sleeping bag. Western Mountaineering is a company that has been in business for 30 years. It was created by two mountaineers from California. The brand stands by the slogan of uncompromised excellence.

What makes Western Mountaineering one of the best USA made brands for sleeping bags is their dedication to creating the best designs with quality raw materials. You can expect some of the highest quality products from this company.

It is no mistake that this brand is at the top of our list. Western Mountaineering has 30 different styles of sleeping bags. From the lightest to the warmest sleeping bag you can have a variety of options. And of course, all of their products are made in the USA.

Specifically, Puma MF is the ultimate sleeping bag. It has 9.5” of loft and 36 ounces of 850+ fill power down. There are two interlocking draft tubes that are densely packed. On cold nights, your body is kept warm with a full down-filled collar.

The down control of this sleeping bag is amazing. It helps to keep you warm up until 25 below zero. Not only do you get a great loft, but you also get more space for shoulder girth. Giving you the opportunity to add more layers comfortably.

Things We Liked:

• Water-resistant

• Breathable

• Increased loft and extended shoulder girth

• Full down collar

• Interlocking draft tubes

• Company customer support

Things We Didn’t Like:

• More expensive than other brands on the list

2. Zpacks Classic Sleeping Bag

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You may have heard of the Zpacks brand. They are well-known and respected for their quality outdoor products. Zpacks was created in 2004 by Joe Valesko. What helped to birth this brand is Joe’s discontent in finding hiking gear that he liked and met his needs.

An American owned and manufactured business, Zpacks started from humble beginnings. With just one sewing machine and an idea, the first Zpack design was created.

Do you love hiking? Zpack is inspired by hikers and the designs are specifically made to achieve a balance between function and weight. As the years have passed by, the adventurous spirit of the company has remained the same/

Zpack is known for its quality lightweight gear. All Zpack products are made in Melbourne, Florida.

One of the most popular sleeping bags made by Zpack is the 10F Classic Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag comes in 3 different sizes, and 3 different lengths. If you are camping or hiking and the temperatures drop, you can stay warm with the Zpack classic sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag is constructed of DownTek goose down. This type of down stays dries 90% longer than other types of down. The sleeping back is water-resistant, which can come in handy on cold or wet nights. The lowest accommodating temperature is 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

An added bonus about this sleeping bag is that it includes a free drying bag with your purchase.

Things We Liked:

• All materials are responsibly sourced

• ¾ length zipper

• Black fabric on the inside for quicker drying

• The rectangular foot box is spacious and comfortable

Things We Didn’t Like:

• Long shipping times

3. Wiggy’s Sleeping Bag

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Last on our list is Wiggy’s sleeping bags. This is a less expensive American made brand. The company makes top-quality superior sleeping bags, and they have been around since 1986.

Wiggy’s is a brand that stands behind their products. They offer a lifetime warranty on all sleeping bags. Amazing! One of the reasons Wiggy’s can offer this type of satisfaction is because of the materials used to make their sleeping bags.

Lamilite is the insulation used on all Wiggy’s sleeping bags. The insulation is durable and is designed to stand the test of time. In addition to premium materials being used, Wiggy’s is also able to monitor the production of the sleeping bags closely. Their factory is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Wiggy’s have a variety of sleeping bag categories. You have options that are based on temperature or style. One of their most popular styles is the 40-degree sleeping bag. The temperature rating on this sleeping bag is +40 degree s Fahrenheit.

The overall weight of this sleeping bag is 3.5 pounds. It is made of a lightweight nylon material. The famous Lamilite insulation is used in the sleeping bag.

As for size, the dimensions are 90” long x 34” wide. If you are looking for a more affordable option, this is a great option. The brand is 100% USA owned and manufactured.

Things We Liked:

• Lifetime warranty on all products

• Top-quality insulation used in sleeping bags

• Lightweight (3.5 pounds)

Things We Didn’t Like:

• Although a great sleeping bag, there is only a limited quantity available.

• Not recommended for subzero temperatures

Buy American Made Products

The brands listed above are some of the best sleeping bags made in the USA. Depending on if you need an ultralight or heavy-duty subzero capable sleeping bag, the options above are great choices. When you support the brands above, you are helping to elevate the American economy.