Best Tents Made in the USA: 2020

Visit the American Made Matters website to find a long list of reasons to buy domestic products exclusively, especially tents made in America. Not only does your purchase ensure jobs for the future that are held by people guaranteed competitive wages and better working conditions, but as a bi-product of U.S. manufacturing, you help boost the American economy. Keep these reasons in mind when you search for best tents, knowing that your final decision to buy American says a lot about your pride in our nation and our manufacturing superiority.

1. Coleman tents

You know the name and you trust the brand, likely because Coleman is the quintessential American institution. The company’s first product was a portable, gas-powered lantern made to illuminate “the first evening football game west of the Mississippi” around 160 years ago. Tents were added to the company’s growing line of outdoor products in the 1950s and the brand remains a bastion of U.S. ingenuity.

Known best for being extra durable and easy to set up, Coleman’s library of tent sizes is expansive. Whether you camp solo or bring the family, there’s a design for you on today’s market. Looking for something very contemporary? Coleman’s “instant tent line” is likely to get your attention, but not every camper is wild about the weight of this company’s products or the signature longer poles that add to stability. That noted, you can be sure that once you set up your Coleman, have confidence that you will say secure, even in the wind and rain .

For campers who trek a long distance to reach their campsite — or those choosing Coleman’s largest or multi-person tents — be aware of the fact that the heaviness of Colman tents that sets them apart from competitor brands will be challenging, but if you’ve got a crew to share the load, you’re good to go. Bottom line is that Coleman tents have set standards for American tent-making and sales, so you can’t go wrong with the brand, especially if you’re a new camper seeking an easy-to-erect tent that remains protective in the strongest winds.

3 things we like about Coleman tents:

-Few brand names are as trusted as Coleman

-Available everywhere you shop

-Find just the size you need for your circumstances.

3 things we don’t like about Coleman tents:

-May be the heaviest tents on the market

-Hard to carry long distances

-Longer poles can make set-ups trickier.

2. Big Agnes tents

Having just read about one of the most popular and heaviest tents made in America, we offer you a look at Big Agnes, known by veteran hikers and campers to offer some of the best ultralight products on the market. Not only can you avoid hiring Sherpas to get your gear to a far-off campsite, but once you set it up, you’re going to enjoy privileges your non-Agnes tent neighbors won’t: tenacity! Choose the most rugged terrain you can find to pitch your tent and Big Agnes will remain a stalwart salute to American innovation.

What’s the secret that separates Big Agnes from other tent manufacturers? Dominico Textile, a proprietary fabric that is both durable and lightweight, which is why Big Agnes is also in the business of crafting parachutes and paragliders! This company’s pedigree is beyond reproach and while all of these best tents are proudly made in America, mountaineering enthusiasts around the world prefer this company’s brand to competitors simply because professionals have made the brand a household word.

Expect to take out your wallet if you decide to invest in a Big Agnes tent because you’re paying for the extras finicky campers crave, like redesigned tent poles and ultralight materials that pack up and transport effortlessly. But one glance at reviews from unabashed fans of every Big Agnes tent style could convince you to open your wallet a little wider to get the quality that will deliver endless pleasure over the years. We should conclude with a word of caution: due to the popularity of some Big Agnes tent styles, you may find yourself encountering “out of stock” and “only 3 left” notices when shopping online. But don’t give up. Just keep searching.

3 things we like about Big Agnes tents:

-Dominico textile and construction is awesome

-Recommended by mountaineers around the world

-Confidently pitch your tent on the most rugged terrain.

3 things we don’t like about Big Agnes tents:

-Tents produced by Big Agnes tend to sell out fast

-Smaller tents have no extras like storage pockets to stow gear

-May exceed your budgetary limits.

3. The North Face tents

No best tents list would be complete without North Face, a name and logo that have become legendary in American outdoor manufacturing product circles. Proclaimed the “most popular of the best camping tent manufacturers” in the U.S. by outdoor enthusiasts who wouldn’t consider another brand, North Face easily competes with Coleman and Big Agnes. That noted, it’s important to know that the North Face tent you covet could come with a higher price tag than those two competitors. In general, brand fans don’t mind paying more because they swear by the company’s manufacturing methods.

In return for spending a little more for one of these tents made in America, you get plenty in return. Unique pole design and wall construction are both praised by tall campers constantly searching for tents with more head room, and if your intention is camping in a crowd, massive North Face models made to accommodate 10+ campers are available, yet even these big boys are easy to set up so campers can get on with the business of having fun.

If extra features intrigue you, you’ll join North Face aficionados in praise of this company’s penchant for adding storage pockets and even gear-lofts to the design of the most extravagant tents. These features allow campers to stow their gear so they’re not tripping over it if they stumble into the tent in a happily exhausted state. Finally, Mother Nature can send her highest winds and downpour since North Face stand ready to face severe atmospheric challenges without flinching.

3 things we like about North Face tents:

-Decades of consistent manufacturing excellence

-Easy to find at retail and online stores

-Extra storage pockets and gear-lofts are irresistible.

3 things we don’t like about North Face tents:

-Even the smallest North Face tents tend to be pricey

-Company no longer offers a lifetime warranty

-You could find customer service to be less than helpful.