What Boots Are Made In America?

While many people work and play in tennis shoes, an $18, off the rack pair of ill-fitting shoes designed for people with small narrow feet produced in Vietnam, China, or Pakistan, or even, for God’s sakes, flip flops made from retread tires, or rubber, when a man or woman does serious work or labor, they need a not just and ordinary, but a great pair of boots.

These should be work boots made locally, not overseas, so pay as we’ll only review what boots are made in the USA.

Their materials, except the soles, should be made of top-notch, high grain leather, and they should come in multiple sizes, especially the width, that fit a man or woman like a glove.

If you’re constantly outdoors and on your feet, or you just like the look and feel of how you stand in a boot instead of tennis shoes or loafers, come along with us and we’ll discuss some of American’s great boot makers.

What Boots are made in USA (Hunting)  

Brand 1. LL Bean  

Made in Maine, pretty much as they were designed in 1912, LL Bean Boots are distinctive in that they are made of top-grain leather, and then the bottom portions of the foot. before you get to the rubber sole. Primarily a hunting boot, LL Bean Boots are fantastic for keeping your feet dry, and your feet fresh,

Woman in LL Bean Boots

Brand 2. Russell Moccasin Co

Presidents, celebrities and hunters worldwide have been wearing and swear by

Russel Moccasin Co hunting boots. Produced in Berlin, Wisconsin, founder Will Russell first handstitched a pair for those in the logging business which was booming in Wisconsin, but hunters soon picked up on these as the ideal hunting boots.

The boots are designed moccasin style which means you get a boot with no insole, but rather one, two, or even three layers of leather inside. Russel Moccasins offer an infinite number of customizations, with most hunting boots hovering around $600, but customers say they are worth it.

What Cowboy Boots are made in USA?

Brand 1. Abilene Boot Company  

Abilene has been producing boots for 30 years so they certainly fit the bill when asking What cowboy boots are made in USA? Built to last, and made of full-grain leather, these boots are rugged and stand up well to any challenge you would do in a cowboy boot, from getting a solid grip in the saddle to just looking good on the dance floor. You can tell that Abiline sells a ton of boots by the fact that there are literally dozens of outlets and online sellers that carry them.

Brand 2. Caboots Cowboy Boots  

If Abiline is the Chevrolet of Cowboy Boots, Abiline is the Cadillac, or if you like, the Rolls Royce of Cowboy boots. Family-owned since 1928, there is almost no style or leather you can’t buy with Caboots. When ordering, you don’t merely provide your size and width but height, toe size, heel size, scallop type, sole type, top color, vamp type, and more. This company builds custom boots, that will last you for years, and are comfy to boot, but they don’t come cheap. Plan on spending a thousand bucks, minimum, and $2,000 or more is not unheard of.

Hiking boots made in USA

Brand 1. Timberland Men’s Flume Waterproof Boot  

Timberland certainly rings the bell when asked what is one of the best, and most function hiking boots made in USA. These. premium, full-grain leather, waterproof boots will keep your feet dry, yet they are nimble enough to grip the rockiest of trails. And the price, compared to some hiking boots of this quality, is very reasonable.

Brand 2. KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Perhaps a step up from the Timberland, the Keen II is very popular with hikers. It does have a shorter ankle height, which ma many people like, but some find less suitable when wearing a heavy backpack The only real problem with the Keen seems to be the sizing.

The shoes run a little smaller than a typical hiking boot, and as a consequence, you have to size up. Some say a half-size, while others say if you have wide feet, a full size-up would be better. Unfortunately, there are no wider sizes. Still, these are very comfortable boots, and they work terrific in the snow.

Brand 3. Danner Men’s Portland Select Mountain Light Cascade Clovis Hiking Boot  

This is the boot to have if you don’t mind splurging two or there times the price of the other two. Several Amazon reviewers commented that these were the most comfortable hiking boots they’ve owned, and even after an hour or two, the boots seemed to loosen up and just set on their feet. Unlike the Keen II, you normally have to size down, not up.

Work Boots made in USA

Brand 1. Carhartt Made in the USA Work Boot  

What can you say about a workboot that is around $150, has been tested for shock, is insulated to protect you against electrical shock, is oil-tanned, waterproof, and is good on your feet? We’d say, buy it and you won’t be sorry.

Brand 2. Carolina AMP USA Steel Toe Work Boot

But if you like the Carhartt, for a few dollars more, you can have the same in a steel-toed school, with electrical hazard protection, a steel shank, slip-resistant Polyurethane Outsole, and a removable footbed. This is one tough shoe, at around $200.

Brand 3. Wolverine, Mike Rowe 1000 Mile boots.  

Finally, if you want to go the whole hog, consider these $385 workboots that will do everything but punch you in at work and answer your cellphone. They are meticulously made, and these are the type of boots you can continue to resole and they will last for years, and look better as they age.

All three of these are work boots made in USA

It’s your feet, treat them good

You likely work hard for your money and probably have very few work complaints, but no matter how well the job is going if your feet hurt, what could be an otherwise day can turn into misery.

Personally, we spend as much as is required to guarantee a great boot and find with that philosophy, everything turns out for the better, and unlike clothes, which are a personal choice feel that when buying you should always ask What boots are made in USA. There’s no question they are a better value.