Review of Best Axes Made in the USA, 2020

When you buy axes made in America, you are helping build a more robust economy by creating more jobs. The jobs come directly through the manufacturing industry and indirectly through related services. Moreover, products made in the USA are of guaranteed quality as opposed to good from foreign manufacturers. The US government may not have direct control over the quality of goods manufactured in a foreign country. It can only control the quality of handling the products in the exchange process.

Besides, buying made in the USA boosts federal revenue- it also upholds fair labor practices. American employers are under obligation to promote safe working conditions for employees. Here is information on some of the famous brands.

Estwing 26-Inch Camper’s Axe-All Steel

Estwing is an American manufacturer that has been manufacturing striking tools o excellent quality since 1923. The manufacturer invented the shock, reducing grip technology in 2001 to enhance the performance of their tools. Estwing’s Ax or a camper has a utility handle designed to absorb shock and give you a firm grip on the handle.

The company, based in Rockford, Illinois, uses solid American steel in making this popular camper’s ax. The Estwing camper’s ax has a 4–inch edge that is easy to sharpen by hand. The total length of the tool is around 26 inches. The ax is ideal for the campsite because it is perfect for splitting firewood. These Estwing axes are all steel made in both the handle and edge.

What We Like about Estwing Camper’s Axe

• It splits small pieces with ease

• The Estwing camper’s ax lasts longer than most other similar products from the competition

• The ax does not lose its sharpness quickly regardless of how often you use it

What We Do Not Like

• Some customers have complained of a problem with rust

• The sheath which of nylon material is not adequately protective of the tool

• The price is comparatively high

Vaughan Double Bit Michigan Pattern Axe

 An established manufacturer, Vaughan Manufacturing has been producing hand-held tool of high quality since 1869. Alexander Vaughan founded the company in Peoria, Illinois as a water piping service provider but soon switched to the manufacturing of tools. The Vaughan ax is a 36-inch tool designed for tree felling activities on a considerably large scale.

The manufacturer makes the ax with hardened hollow ground blade techniques to make cutting easier. The handle is long enough to provide the right balance for and ease of working. You do not get tired easily using this ax.

What We Like About the Vaughan Double-Bit Axe

• The edges can retain versatility even with cold or hot temperatures

• Unlike other axes, the Vaughan does not have difficulties releasing after striking

• The sturdy and long handle which is easy to use

What We Do Not Like about the Vaughan Double-Bit Axe

• The wooden handle may break under intense work pressure

• Being a product of a century-old company, it has more to prove

• The grind marks on the edges, which may hinder its effectiveness

Council Hudson Bay Axe

Council Hudson Bay is an ax made of a still head and wooden handle. John Pickett Council founded the company in 1886 and based his manufacturing on quality, honesty, and innovativeness. Employees of the company, which is still family-owned, have maintained the founder’s legacy to date. They have one of the oldest axes made in America under their portfolio.

The Hudson Bay Axe is one of their best axes due to its versatility and reputation. While the Estwing pick is perfect for campers, the Council ax is ideal for all your wood splitting activities anywhere. The Council ax comes in options of 18, 24, and 28 inches length. Since they are more comfortable to hold with both hands, the 24, and 28-inches tools are ideal for working while involving two hands.

What we Like About the Vaughan Double-Bit Axe

• The tool is light in weight with a long handle for a comfortable grip

• You can sharpen the tool without hassle, and it keeps its sharpness

• Though wooden, the handle is too strong to

break under average impacts

What we Do Not Like about the Vaughan Double-Bit Axe

• It would help if you sharpened it again before using for the first time since the manufacturer does not grind it well

• Some products come without properly forged edges that fail to sit correctly on the handle

• The company lacks a proper communication mechanism for customer satisfaction

How we Arrived at Our Picks

We looked at the main features that would make any ax stand out as a perfect handy tool. The features revolve around the condition of the edges and the strength of handles. It would be best if you use these suggestions at your discretion while selecting which ax to buy. Here are the considerations:

Double-Sided or One-Sided Versatility

Axes with a single bit come with added weight to the edges. The heaviness makes them perfect for cutting faster. That is why they are ideal in situations that involve cutting many trees, and not in splitting wood. The double-bit axes provide more accuracy whole cutting. In the end, the double-bitted ax cuts better.

Length of Handle and Weight of Head

Long handles allow you to swing with ease while short ones give you a firmer grip. When cutting a whole tree, a longer handle is more comfortable to use, but in splitting wood, a shorter handle is ideal. Similarly, you can use both hands on a longer handle. The material used to make the handle is also vital in increasing its durability.


Buying locally manufactured axes may be costlier than outsourcing from other countries. You are more likely to purchase the best axes from the local manufacturers as opposed to foreign ones. There are many different good axes manufactured in the USA. The three brands we have reviewed here are among the best in our analysis.

Check the pros and cons of each choice before selecting and make your choices based on the balanced deductions that you make. The bottom line is that Axes produced in the USA are closer to you in terms of proximity to the manufacturers. You can get directions and approach them for custom-made products.