The Best Jeans Made in America

When purchasing and putting on a new pair of jeans, the party trying them on typically does little to consider the journey the pants had to get to the store, before they did. Usually, after thinking about if they fit right and what they might wear with them, the jeans are bought without a second thought, and stored away. But the journey the jeans make, in a lot of cases proves to be very interesting.

Many clothes and items sold in America are made in other countries, like China, because they can be made for a lot cheaper, and faster as well. While it’s interesting to think that the clothes came from a foreign country, in actuality, it may not be the best process. Not only do the jeans made outside of the USA usually have cheaper quality, since they are made for cheaper, but a lot of the sweatshops in which these clothes are made do not practice morally correct ways of doing so. Many aspects are considered to be wrong, including the little pay these people get, how overworked they are, and how sometimes, even children are forced to do the work!

With this being said, it is evident that getting jeans out of the United States is definitely something everyone should consider. However, it can be hard to know which jean brands are American made, and which ones aren’t. It’s crucial that the different and best brands made in America are commonly-known, so support of those brands increases, while that of the inhumane made jeans does not.

1. Bluer Denim

This company, based in both Portland, and Los Angeles, specializes in the classic blue jean, for both men and women. While the price ranges to about $150 maximum, it is evident that the quality that the jeans offer is worth it, as they can last years after the original purchase. This company also does a give back program, so when you buy a pair of jeans, they will be your old pair, and give them to someone in need. Supporting this company is a great way to purchase good American jeans, while also helping others in need as well.

2. Levi’s

Headquartered in California, this popular jean company has been known to have the best made jeans for a good bit of time. While it is unsure that all Levi’s jeans are made in the United States, they do have a specific collection that is for sure made in America. Levis jeans made in the USA can range all the way from $40, to $200, so there definitely is a suitable price for everyone somewhere in the collection.

3. Todd Shelton

While it can be a lot easier to find good women’s jeans made in the USA, there are an extensive list of adequate men’s jeans manufacturers as well. Among this list includes Todd Shelton, which specializes solely in men’s apparel. This company is based in New Jersey, and their jeans do end up on the pricey side, averaging at about $200 a pair. However, this is because the quality of jean is so good, and because they help the environment in the way they make their jeans. Not only do they use resources that are better for the environment, but they do not mass produce, and they make on an order only basis, meaning they cut the waste down significantly. In terms of the actual manufacturing process, it can be argued that these are the best made jeans!

4. Wrangler

This American manufacturer makes not only jeans, but also many other types of clothing apparel that is suitable for the typical working human. The headquarters is in North Carolina, and was founded in 1904. Wrangler jeans made in the USA have varying prices depending on where they are purchased from. All types and washes of jeans are made, so there is something for everyone on the website. With the holidays rapidly approaching, the site itself is garnished with many deals, so Wrangler jeans made in the USA should definitely be an option for anyone looking for a new pair.

5. Nordstrom

As far as women’s jeans made in the USA go, Nordstrom may be the best option to go for. This luxury department store based in Seattle has jeans ranging from all sizes 0 to 24 for women, and specifically has an “All American” collection, of jeans made in California. These jeans typically run for about $100, which is a good price considering the quality, how long they last, and the tone of Nordstrom in general.

6. Reformation

If a certain type of style an aesthetic is sought after with jeans, Reformation might be the place to look. This jean manufacturer specializes in vintage looking jeans, from the 90s, 80s, and beyond. They are based in Los Angeles, and sell many other clothing products other than jeans too. These jeans are made with materials such as recycled cotton and organic cotton, so they are also a good purchase idea for anyone who cares specifically about the environment, and wants to make an eco friendly purchase with their clothing. Like other stores, the prices of these jeans vary accordingly, depending on the type and wash. However, typically, a pair can be obtained for around $120. Again, the upcoming holidays will bring numerous sales to the site, ensuring even cheaper prices for shoppers in the near future.

👖 Conclusion

In the ed, while the struggle to find good, and affordable jeans made in the United States can be a bit harder than just ordering the cheapest pair made in China, in the long run, it can prove to be very much worth it, not only for the purchasing party, but for the sake of who is behind the jean making labor in the first place. Whether purchasing from a luxury store like Nordstrom, or buying Levis jeans made in the USA, obtaining a pair of good American jeans can prove to be beneficial and worth it, for every party involved.