Tools Made in the USA

Today, there are so many different brands of tools in the hardware store trying to find the right one to fit your needs is enough to make your head spin. Most of them are nothing more than a cheaply made piece of junk that will quit after a couple uses. Finding trustworthy, quality tools today can be exhausting.

Nowadays, you have to weed through the cheaply made junk to find quality American-made tools.

Well, I did some of the work for you and made a list of some of the best American- made tool companies out there.

Hand Tools Made in the USA

1. Council Tools:

Founded in 1886 by John Pickett Council, they have long since prided themselves on quality and value. When Mr.Council founded the company, he wrote up four core values for the company to stand by and uphold that would ensure its success. Those values are craft a quality product, give value through innovation and advancement, be transparent and honest, and be a good corporate member. Markets and methods may have changed, but the good ones are rooted in tradition and all Council Tool employees still follow those 4 values today.

2.Proto Tools:

Among one of the best companies for hand tools made in the USA, Proto Tools has been around for over 100 years and they offer high-quality hand tools designed to withstand extreme working conditions. Some of their tools have been used to build the Golden Gate Bridge, Apollo 11, and even became famous with the ’34 Ford.

3. Pittsburgh Tools:

Although technically owned by Harbour Freight Tools, Pittsburgh Tools offer years of quality and value in their products and also a lifetime warranty.

Power Tools Made in the USA

1. Dewalt/ Stanely Black & Decker:

Among all the power tools made in the USA, Dewalt has long since been known as one of the best. From cordless tools to tabletop power tools, Dewalt has been known for quality and tough, durable tools. Their tools are known for consistently getting the job done no matter the conditions or the worksite. They even upped their overall quality by buying Craftsman from Sears in an attempt to rejuvenate another American Tradition of a company. Dewalt backs all of its products with several different warranties that cover their products with complete transparency and quality.


Since its inception in 1924, Milwaukee has prided itself on offering quality tools. Whether it is with their cordless tools, trademark FUEL products, or with their vast array of hand tools and job site accessories, they have proven time and again to be one of the best American made power tools. They work with industry professionals to create new and innovative products catered to the professional. By doing so, they are known as having some of the best products to offer. They are long-rooted in quality and tradition.

Ratchet Tools

This was probably the easiest category to research and write about since we have already covered the companies that would be included. Those are Council Tools, Proto Tools, and Dewalt. Of course an American company would have a vast array of products to offer. Each of these companies offers quality, American made ratchet tools that will stand the test of time.

Craftman Tools Made in the USA

Crafstman has been such a long-standing American Company it is almost an American Tradition to own one and that is why it is going to get its very own dedication; also, it has a vast array of tools in each of the aforementioned categories. Craftsman is known as an American icon.

Sears began selling Craftsman Tools in 1927. Arthur Barrows reportedly bought the name “Craftsman” from Marion-Craftsman Tool Company for $500, simply because he liked it. They released their tools in a three-tiered pricing system. The different tiers were called Craftsman/ Sears, Craftsman Professional, and Craftsman Industrial, with different prices going from good, better, to best. This way they could get their products to the consumer at the right price. A homeowner does not want to pay the same price an industrial business owner would nor does he want the same level of product.

In the beginning, Craftman Tools made in the USA were mostly bought by farmers. When Craftsman got its first upgrade and added chrome plating to the tools, it made them much more durable and last a whole lot longer.

Sears began to allow other retailers to sell the Craftsman brand. This opened up another profit stream for Sears at a time it desperately needed it. Stanely Black and Decker revealed on January 17, 2017, that they were going to be putting in an offer to buy the Craftsman brand from Sears in an effort to revive a long-standing American company. They went through with the deed on March 20 of that year and bought Craftsman for a total of $900 million.

Craftsman is widely known in every category of tools ranging from power tools to even tool chests. Since it is known as one of the best in each of our categories, it had to be given its own section.

In Closing

Having the right tool can be the difference in getting the job done right or just barely getting to the finish line. No matter what kind of project or job you are working on, it always helps to have quality, American- made tools that will get the job done right. American- made tools are rooted in quality and American tradition, so you will know that you are working with a dependable, long- lasting piece of equipment.

As you can see, even amongst American made companies, there are still those that have good, better, and the best quality. You really need to look at what type of project or job are you trying to accomplish and what kind of budget you have to really know which tool will best fit your needs. Sometimes it may be worth it to spend a little extra for better quality that will last for a lot longer than taking the cheaper route and getting something that will only last one job.